Guidelines of Instruction

Introduction is loose social alternate network which facilitates you develop your social presence and get benefits or simply satisfaction from it.

Due to offerings you have got an possibility to get an increasing number of Facebook likes, Facebook fans, Instagram fans, Instagram picture likes, Google circles, Google publish stocks, Twitter followers, YouTube perspectives, YouTube channel subscriptions, YouTube Video likes, Pinterest followers, Soundcloud tune listenings, Soundcloud followers, StumbleUpon fans, StumbleUpon likes, Website hits and extra. provide you with a smart tool to view and select who or what you desire to like, subscribe, follow and bypass the ones contents that you aren't interested by.

The registration is completely FREE. You only need to offer a valid e-mail address to at some point of the registration so that it will send you a confirmation e-mail and 100 coins for the begin.

Before you start the usage of offerings you should read and be given Privacy policy and Terms&Conditions.

How to get coins

You have an possibility to get unfastened coins by means of liking, following, viewing, subscribing, listening various pages, accounts, motion pictures, profiles and track.

You have an possibility to acquire 300 daily bonus coins.

You have an possibility to choose our associate programmes to earn greater free cash such as proportion your referral link where you need. If new user or users coming from your referral hyperlink registers on Qutreck.Com and becomes energetic consumer you will get cash from their pastime. Get 10% cash out of your referals accrued cash and 5% coins from referrals of your referral. Finally you will no longer need to acquire coins when you have enough active referrals. You can test your referral status via 'My Referrals' button.

You should purchase coins thru PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Moneybookers and so forth.

Earning coins by Facebook

The process for incomes credit are simple...

  • 1. Log in in your Facebook account.
  • 2. Make sure you're the usage of your Facebook profile, and not your fan page.
  • 3. Click on one like button (The Pop Up window will seem, and must be enabled to your browser settings).
  • 4. Wait for the window to fully load, and like the newly opened Facebook page.
  • 5. Wait about 2-three seconds (minimal), and then MANUALLY near the Pop Up window.


The complete process has a time limit of 20 seconds. If the Pop Up window closes mechanically, the system will now not understand your coins.

Use of facebook features

For accurate use of Facebook like capabilities, please upload handiest your default fb URL without a brought extensions. For example:

  • 1. The accurate link is. Www.Fb.Com/Qutreck
  • 2. The incorrect hyperlink www.Fb.Com/Qutreck?Dh=eg

Remove the whole lot after (and the signal) ' ? ', and make certain you do no longer have double http://http:// in your URL's.

Problems When Adding Facebook Profiles/Pages/Photos/Posts

Usually there is a problem with the privileges, and permissions at a Facebook Profile/Page/Photo/Album this is stopping your Facebook Page to be displayed publicly. If you've got 'admin' right to the page you need to post, you must trade permission settings at the Facebook Page:

  • 1. Edit Page -> Manage Permission -> Age restrict, and set it to '13+'
  • 2. Edit Page -> Basic data -> Start Type, and set it to 'launched'
  • 3. It have to be set to be publicly viewable

If this approach does no longer be just right for you, simply ship us the exact description of the problem to our contact page, in conjunction with the URL of the web page you want to publish, and we are able to attempt to solve any problems you might have.