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Website Page Size Checker is one of the numerous SEO apparatuses that Qutreck Seo Tools has created over these years. This superb instrument, as the name recommends, is a page size checker that can be utilized to realize the page size of a particular URL. It is an enchantment apparatus that clients can use to check site size on the web. On the off chance that your site takes longer than expected to stack, at that point maybe you have to deal with the size of your site since it can bring about high bob rate as the web clients don't will in general have the tolerance to hang tight for the website page to open. 

A normal little website page size is assessed to be 12 KB and that will stack rapidly. The more media on a page, the greater the page size and the more slow it will stack. Installed recordings, pictures, sound, designs, streak, and different types of media will build your page size. First of all, it's significant for the wellbeing and execution of your site that you know the size of your site however how to know the absolute size of a site? That is the place site page size checker or page size monitor becomes an integral factor.